The Pet Artist, Anthony Wickens

Capture the Memory


10 years ago I started drawing animals as a recreational pastime I have had no formal training or education in this subject, just the love of pets and the pleasure they bring to our lives. I soon discovered a natural talent and this quickly became a hobby with friends and relatives requesting a drawing of their own pets, each picture has improved in the realism and perfection I strive for. Strange that it may seem I want my art to look like a photograph so I am drawing a photograph to look like a photograph?

Coloured Pencils.
There has been a major shift in my Artwork, through research, I have discovered the technique of dry brush with coloured pencils on the correct paper surface. I always knew in my mind that the type of media I was using was not showing my true ability. I am now confident, quicker and happy with this technique and able to produce the drawings in glorious colour.

Best Friends
We all have them and love them probably more than humans sometimes. Unfortunately we outlive them The pain can be unbearable, but the memories live with us forever.

Why not capture that memory? All I need is your favourite photograph.
I will capture a beautiful keepsake that will remind you of all the fond memories you had together.
Painting or Drawing.
Paper or Canvas,you choose the size cost and finish. I will guarantee the quality of the work to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Inspiration & Technique.

Drawings :-

are created on acid free 220gsm quality cartrdge paper using various graphite pencils from 2H to 4B, the size is normally standard A4, I try to keep within standard sizes to make framing easy and affordable.

Canvas Board:-

The painting is created on quality canvas board, I now have standard A4 size boards in stock. The paint used is quality non fade acrylic paint built up with many layers to get the fur effect and finished with a matt varnish.

Canvas :-

The painting is created on quality stretched canvas ,size to be decided. I extend the painting around the edge so that framing is not really necessary. Again I have used many layers of quality acrylic paint and finished with varnish to protect from dust and uv sunlight..

Pencil Drawings :-

are created on acid free 220gsm high quality Bristol Board smooth paper using Dry brush and various Prismacolor pencils , the size is normally standard A4, I try to keep within standard sizes to make framing easy and affordable.


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